PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, 2024 -Sheikh Alassane SENE, the man who will change Senegal

Sheikh Alassane SENE, the man who will change Senegal PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, 2024 IN SENEGAL

Big ideas, immense talent, a spirit of innovation, legendary generosity, international openness, here is the new Senegalese leader who intends to change the face of Senegal and Africa by freeing them from the weight of poverty and integrate into the concert of developed countries by activating powerful development levers and a solid relational network built throughout the world. New economic prospects arise in Senegal with the discovery and exploitation of gas and oil. Thus, in 2023 – 2024, the country’s growth rate will increase to double digits for the first time and Senegal will be a great economic and investment attraction for the rest of the world. According to international
institutions, Senegal will record the highest growth rate in Africa. Hence the need to move towards an intelligent strategy to better present Senegal to the international community, to foreign investors with rigorous and convincing soft power, knowhow, a relational network, a whipped
address book, Competent men and women. The Leader of the « NAATAANGUE » coalition Sheikh Alassane SENE, with his solid professional and international experience, is the ideal man, the candidate so much dreamed of for the Senegalese to now build another Senegal and radically change the living conditions of the populations. It is undeniably the candidate for breaking
social inequalities, deep inequalities between rural and urban populations in terms of access to basic social services such as water, electricity, health. Leader Sheikh Alassane SENE traveled three times around Senegal to see firsthand the difficulties, the problems encountered by the Senegalese, by discussing with them the solutions and his vision for the country. Thus, Sheikh Alassane Sène declared candidate for the 2024 presidential election has decided to offer Senegalese a well-thought-out revolutionary offer with an economic and social vision which is based, among other things, on major structuring projects with massive investments, including the Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV) to connect all the regional capitals and the various religious cities, the Women’s Bank (BDF), the Green Senegal Plan (PSV) for food self-sufficiency, the Senegal Industrialization Plan (PIS) for product transformation and job creation, the Infrastructure Development Plan (PDI) and the Single Window for a solution to youth employment. The Candidate Sheikh Alassane SENE advocates a break in the negotiations of international contracts.
Thus, in all structuring projects open to international investment, Senegal will give itself the right to negotiate and participate in the capital of the multinational designated for the execution of the project. This involves, on the one hand, revising the law on investments and finally inserting a legal provision that establishes Senegal’s participation in the capital of multinationals for certain specific projects and, on the other
hand, taking this obligation into account. in the contractual financial conditions during the negotiations of the contracts concerned. The candidate Sheikh Alassane SENE, in addition to national resources, intends to diversify and densify the partnership portfolio for Senegal. Admittedly, traditional partners such as France, the United States and others will be strengthened, but other major partners such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India and Malaysia will be at the heart of the Senegal’s economic and commercial diplomacy to soak up and benefit from their model. As such, President Sheikh Alassane SENE will make the WAQF and all the other Sovereign Funds of the Gulf, powerful levers to finance the development of Senegal.

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